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Do I need to reapply for the I-212 waiver?

QUESTION:  I am Canadian and was expedited removed from the U.S. and charged with fraud in 2010.  I later filed Form I-192 and Form I-212.  Both were approved.  Form I-192 was approved for one year and is expiring soon.  The Form I-212 approval letter does not have an expiration date. My question is, do I need to reapply for a new I-212 waiver in addition to a new I-192? 

REPLY: Thank you for your question.  You should not need to file a new I-212 application.  In most cases like yours, permission to reapply for admission is granted for the remainder of the period of inadmissibility.  Since you have been charged with fraud, you will require a nonimmigrant waiver [Form I-192] for life.  If you would like to discuss your case in more detail and receive a complete professional analysis, please do not hesitate to contact me

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